At Rodeo Austin

My birthday at the rodeo!

At Rodeo Austin

I celebrated a birthday on Sunday and Adam surprised me with tickets to Rodeo Austin. It was a great idea on his part, as I have been bugging him to go for 3 years. I have been to rodeos in NY, but this was my first Texas rodeo, and as you can imagine, it was an entirely different beast. First of all, if you tell people on Austin that you went to the rodeo, they ask what band you saw. That’s the first and only question. I found this incredibly odd as we didn’t even stay for the band, but also because who goes to a rodeo to not watch cowboys???


The second glaring difference is that when you get to the rodeo, you first encounter a carnival and then a mini fair…complete with pig races and livestock judging. As we had not been before, Adam wanted to make sure we had time to do and see everything before the 3pm rodeo, so we arrived at about 11. Next time I think I’ll be good with getting to the grounds at 2:30 and going immediately into the grandstand. Being at the fair so early in the day did however make it possible to enjoy a donut for breakfast and cotton candy for lunch. This was followed at home by cake for dinner and cookies for dessert…a birthday well played in my opinion!


Admittedly, I think we had as much fun dressing for the rodeo than we did going to it. Kidding! The rodeo itself was wonderful, and we were lucky to be upgraded to 2nd row seats about 20 minutes in. We were even hit with dirt flinging off of hooves as the barrel racing girls tore around the barrel in front of our seats. The little kids riding sheep was perhaps one of the highlights, but tied neck and neck with the bull riders. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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