white-phase zebra

Leucistic Zebra

Leucistic Zebra

Being a designer of Animal Jewelry, people tend to share interesting tidbits and factoids animals with me.  Especially when they come into my tent at shows and markets.  It’s pretty amazing what I have learned this past year…basically we chat for a few moments and then I research the subject on my phone and talk about it for the rest of the day.  I have learned about the Brontosaurus never existing, that Manatees smell when you’re up close with them as they move so slowly algae covers their bodies (this was told to me by someone who swims with them!) and that Tyrannosaurus Rex had feathers.  I also learned that when you live in Texas, you should know that if you start talking about dinosaurs, there’s a chance that someone will remark that they did not exist.  To each his own.

You can imagine that this information is not only useful to help the long days at the market go by, but rather addictive to collect.  You can I’m sure imagine my delight when I ran across the above photo of a Leucistic  (also called white-phase or blonde) Zebra the other day!  Thanks to google, I have learned that they have brown eyes, are not albino (there is no true albinism found in equines and to be an albino, red eyes must be present) but rather Leucistic. This rare occurance of pigmenting occurs many animals including Hippos, Tigers, Penguins and  Giraffes! Upon further investigation, I have also learned that Zebras can be black, brown, mottled and spotted as well as have different width stripes.

Alrighty…enough Animal Planet, I’m off to go look at 3 houses to rent as I am moving in three weeks and have not really done anything about it yet…eeek!!!


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