Let’s talk about soup

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  1. I love all soup. Cold, hot, you name it. Have you tried watermelon gaspacho?

    My go-to soup that I make at home is a Korean beef & radish soup (the giant white one, not the little red ones. ) P.J. loves it too. Here’s a recipe link: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/soegogi-muguk I think it’s pretty paleo-friendly, too.

    A time saver I occasionally splurge on is using the app Instacart to order my groceries from Costco, HEB or Whole Foods. I usually do a weekly shop at both Costco & HEB to fill in certain items they don’t carry at Costco.

    • I have had watermelon gazpacho but never made it, as soon as I read this all I could think was how wonderful that sounded! I will for sure look into the Korean beed and radish, that too sounds amazing, thank you!

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