Let the moving adventures begin

Downtime while house hunting
Downtime while house hunting

We made the tough decision a few weeks ago to adjust our lifestyle as Adam changed careers and with that decision comes moving. The upside is that last year we moved into a house in a neighborhood we loved but was more than we want to spend on a rental. It’s a wonderful neighborhood, but one of the most expensive in Austin, mostly due to proximity to downtown and that almost all of the houses are over 100 years old and well cared for. However, as charming as the huge live oaks and quirky homes are, there were downsides that were getting to me and I was pretty glad for an excuse to move. Since we moved in, 5 houses around us either been fully gutted or leveled and rebuilt. When you work at home the construction noises get old super fast. We also do not have a driveway and the off street parking situation is also wearing on me (and my car as the Texas sun is brutal on black cars). Add to that that we live one block from downtown in a city with the 4th worst traffic in the country (in case you’re curious: 1. L.A. 2. Honolulu 3. San Fran) and basically we cannot leave our house from 7-9 am and 5-8 pm and actually get anywhere.

The house! I snapped this when we saw it...it's a drive by photo.
The house! I snapped this when we saw it…it’s a drive by photo.

When we started looking at neighborhoods, the number one priority was quiet. Which brought us to looking much farther south than I thought I would ever want to live, but I quickly got over it when I stood in the back yard and heard…silence. We briefly considered buying a house, but even though we are more prepared for than the last time when the realtor suggested we explore more of Austin before buying as we had no idea where we wanted to live…we only had three weeks to find a house, buy it, and move in. So another year of renting it is. We lucked out though and while leaving an open house for a house we thought was kind of meh to buy, but in a neighborhood we that we really liked, we saw a For Rent sign on a lovely corner house. We called, we saw, we loved. The only thing we don’t love is that there is some carpeting. But it’s at least nice carpeting, so we’ll deal for a year. The good parts majorly out weighed a few rooms of carpeting anyway. The house has a great layout, is the same size as the house we live in right now (which is coincidentally also on a corner), has a two car garage, a pretty yard and because we left our neighborhood is more than half the price!!

The hoarding of boxes began last week
The hoarding of boxes began last week

The absolute best part…we sort of know the owner through a friend and he’s pretty awesome (I seem to be lucking out in awesome landlords in life), so awesome that as the house is empty, we can start moving our stuff in on the 14th. Yay!! It’s the dream…2 weeks to move!! This means I don’t have to pack as well as boxes won’t have to be stacked in a truck, boxes can leave our current house as they are packed and put in the garage if I can’t get to them right away, and even though it will take longer, will be so much less stressful!

Well now you know why I have been an absent blogger, and will know where I am if I’m MIA the next few weeks…now if only I could figure out how to silence the back hoeing thats been going on all morning behind me…


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