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If I had a personal logo…

I would 100% choose this:

The outline is borrowed from Wyoming Libraries and I of course turned it Manic Trout pink…I wish Pantone would name this hue after Manic Trout…I’ve always thought it would be so cool to name colors…although I guess its like naming jewelry…and I cheat and use song names…which I put an inane amount of time into choosing…hey, its a random fact!

Anyway…I will explain why…I read a lot, I have thousands of books around my apartment and reading book spines on shelves soothes me…I used to find myself wandering the stacks in bookstores in college when I was stressed…I finally figured it out one day and have bookshelves next to wherever I go to relax so I can gaze at the spines…and I have a growing collection of girly books, which rock, they range from Bettie Page to Playboy 50 yrs. of Photos to My Naked Ex Girlfriends (a fantastic book btw!) I would forever be immortalized as a girl book girl…without having to be in a girly book 😉

I feel somehow more complete now…

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