I did it!!!!!

I actually did it, I made the Super Epic Rainbow Cake that I gushed about earlier this week!!!  My friend Shanley came over last night and we spent a very funny four hours together baking, impersonating Julia Childs and being are doofy selves…it was so much fun!!

I of course snapped a few images of the cake making, the dying was our favorite part.  Shanley was the color master, deciding on ratios as I whisked them together…like spin art, but cooler.  We decided that the cake colors matched the colors of the contents of my fridge….

SERC Fridge
Super Epic Rainbow Cake Chillin'

The layers were pretty on their own as I stacked them up with frosting…

SERC Layers
Super Epic Rainbow Cake Layers

We were SO excited when it all came together at the end!!!

SERC Shanley
The Super Epic Rainbow Cake...Presented by Ms. Shanley!!

But nearly as excited as when we saw what it looked like inside…

SERC Sierra
Super Epic Rainbow Cake as demonstrated by Sierra

In case you wondering just how excited we were…I can SHOW YOU!!!  Here is a video of the official unveiling of the Super Epic Rainbow Cake so you can share our enthusiasm as we cut open the cake and see whats inside:

A special thank you goes to Whisk Kid for her recipe and ingenuity to think up The Super Epic Rainbow Cake and of course a big thank you to Shanley…I couldn’t and wouldn’t have wanted to bake it without you 😉 SHAZAAM!


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