How insane design ideas are started…

A friend of mine dropped off a bag of collected shells this morning and I’m so excited to make crazy statement necklaces out of them!  They will actually round out a collection I had started, so I was super excited to receive them.  I included a penny so you could see how massive they are…my assistant looked at me like I was crazier then normal when I told her I wanted to use them for necklaces…but just you and see what I have planned!


  • Cathy Lynn

    Hi Serra ~I can’t wait to see what you do with your big shells….as for me, I work with small shells up to quarter size….and crochet necklaces and bracelets with them and crystals, using either their natural occurring holes or drilling the tiny holes to thread them onto the wire….my niece loves hers..even better she got to comb the beach with Auntie Cathy for her necklaces’ shells!

    • Sierra

      That’s so fun Cathy! I am a bit daunted by how big these are…and I’m not that big myself, so they look a bit extreme. The first attempt failed kind of miserably, so I’ve gone back to the drawing board!

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