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I’ve been running a mad dash for the past week trying to get the house pulled together before the chaos of the holidays, and I think it’s going pretty well so far.  As there are only 5 weeks (5 weeks!!) of ship time left for the season at Manic Trout and a show every weekend until Christmas, it’s time to chain myself to my studio.  So not to leave you out of the loop, below are some pics from the house as it is now.  Adam bought us both olloclips and the fish eye is perfect for capturing an entire room, so I have been snapping the progress on my phone.

photo of our bedroom courtesy of Adam Fujawa (@atomfuji)

The bonus of eloping is that instead of paying for a wedding, you can buy new furniture!  We upgraded from my full to a king and added bedside tables and new lamps as well.  The curtains were from my past two living rooms the trunk and chair (not show) were also in the living room.  Unfortunately, the wall papered border must remain as it’s a rental and the owner put it there :/  My collection of framed photos I’ve collected will soon grace the walls.

I’m in love with the living room mainly because the recessed ceiling lights are on two switches and have dimmers and I’m pretty obsessed with light.  I have had the couches for years now but just upgraded the pillows for this move.  I always configure the sectional differently for each new space I move into (this is the 6th), currently, there is one piece removed and in the bedroom.  That amazing table was made for me by a friend and the rug is the only wool rug that made the move from NY, as I adore both the color and pattern. The console and TV are new, the tables behind the couch were last my bedside tables and the pink antique cupboard was last in the bedroom.  I still have to set up the surround sound and we’re on the lookout for the perfect sun burst mirror to hang between the two lamps.  Paintings will soon hang on the other walls.

The kitchen is rather amazing.  Polished granite counters, ample room for my excessive dishes and filled with light.  We’ve already had people gathered around the island on more than one occasion, which I love as it reminds me of the house I grew up in!

My studio is up and running and about done.  I hung the photos (by Jai Mayhew from a photo shoot with Electric Frenchie this past Winter) last night and they added an awesome touch.  The only additions were the shelves and bins at the end of the room.  Everything else is a mix of antique and ikea.  My tv still has to be mounted on the wall and I have another bamboo rug to put down…otherwise it’s all done.  I’m loving the space and the natural light so much!

The stacks of paintings, mirrors and photographs waiting to be hung on the walls mingling with the speakers and boxed components of bookshelves.  We want a bench/coat rack thing for where the paintings currently are leaning and still need to buy dining room chairs.  Compared to the list I had in my hands 2 weeks ago, this is a teeny tiny to do list and should be checked off in no time!

I’ll save the rest of the rooms for another day…how do you like it so far?

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