House plants for the black thumb

an extra large jade plant
an extra large version of the jade plants I want by the fireplace

I’ve never had much luck with plants. I keep trying, but it’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing. I recently had a great run with a succulent that lasted for about two and a half years, and although I haven’t given up completely, it’s kind of sad at the moment. I have had it in three houses though and it was thriving at this one until I hung curtains, and then it was pretty fast downward spiral. I however am currently driven by the euphoric 18 month success with my corn tree that I bought thinking it was fake and an aloe plant that I never thought would last and is still going strong.

the plants would go where the candle is place holding
the plants would go where the candle is place holding

During the holidays, I had two poinsettias that looked so pretty flanking the fire place that I want to have plants there year round. I really want jade plants, but its not quite full sun and the window by the fireplace is under a tree so I’m a bit nervous about the spring and summer light.  The jade is my test though. Like so many other women who have a love of great design, I am obsessed with fiddle leaf fig plants and recently they have been popping up at much more affordable prices.  I won’t let myself buy one though until I have more in faith in myself to keep it alive. I figure if I can get the jade through the summer, I will reward myself with the fiddle leaf fern. It’s only fair that I not set myself up for failure though, so I need to figure out if jade will be ok in that spot before I bring them home.

a beautiful fiddle leaf fern

What are your favorite house plants? Any thought on what would work in that spot by the fireplace?


top and bottom images via pinterest; middle image by me

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