Holiday decorating…I’m starting to get why

Excuse the dark phone photo, I call this visual day dreaming
So much has changed from this view since we moved in:new couch, dining chairs, fridge, whale, pillows, throws…(excuse the dark phone photo, I was just making a point).

Besides the obvious reasons…for the kids, festive spirit, keeping up with the Joneses…I am starting to understand the deeper desire behind holiday decorating. We are in our third year living in our current house and I am so bored with it. The layout is a tough one with odd walls, excessive doors in the rooms and a large open living space. I realized yesterday that I have swapped the dining room table out with the extra one we have stored in our garage multiple times, rearranged the guest room and studio at least 4 times each and added new furniture, cloths, lamps and what nots in every space I could. I have moved art around, swapped things between rooms, switched what I have stored with what is out and on and on. Its been two years and four months and I am so over this space. As we do not plan on living in Austin for much longer, we rent and much of my being over the space is from my hating the wall colors and the carpet. If we had bought the house, I would have knocked down walls, redone the kitchen, removed ugly light fixtures, changed the floors and at the very least painted the walls. But as we do not own the house and it was freshly renovated, we live with choices I never would have made.

This morning when I was rearranging the cooking utensils in a new crock, I was daydreaming for the umpteenth time about a new kitchen (in a new house, in a new city) and a light bulb went off in my head…this is why so many people get crazy with holiday decor! It’s the perfect excuse to completely over haul as much as you want in the name of festivity and then when it’s over, you out it all away and decorate for normal life again. As I have bought nine ornaments in the past few weeks for a tree we have not bought yet, I think I’ve arrived at the holiday spirit decor of my life. Last year we were away for the holidays and I think I missed not having a having a tree. I have been slowly collecting little bits and pieces of holiday decor over the past few years and will most likely not go overboard, but I accept the challenge with open arms and will keep you posted.

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