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Emotional rescue

Hey Everyone, Adam here
So, I’m watching this movie “It’s Complicated” and Meryl Streep has a girls night in the movie. As I watch these women have their girls night, I cannot help but start to compare gossip and reaction between men and women. Also, I’m going to combine this topic with sports…the actual act of playing, not watching. So when men give each other news, there’s not much to it: “Hey Clinton, last night I met a really good looking girl, or not so good looking girl and we went home together and the night progressed…yadda yadda.” Clinton then high fives me, and the moment is over.  There is no emotion involved. My friend doesn’t cry or hug me or embrace his own chest in a manner that insinuates empathy. We just aren’t as dramatic as women.  Information is passed really with no regard from man to man and high fives are about as touchy as we get. If I told a man friend that my mom died, I don’t think I would even get a hug, it would be more like, “that sucks, I’m sorry, want to go golfing?” I guess that’s how we handle things.  Which brings me to sports because, that’s where men are dramatic. Pertaining to any sport, I don’t care if its lawn bowling, men are out there talking smack to each other. We cry when we win, we cry when we lose, we hug, we slap each other on the ass. For me the way men act in a sporting situation in almost similar to women’s high hormonal levels when PMSing.  We are a mess with emotion.  It’s funny how life evens itself out.

Hey all, Sierra here
Interestingly, of all the groups of men I have ever known, I would have to say that Adam and his friends are more open with their emotions with each other than any other. These guys actually sit around and talk to each other and they are incredibly supportive when something big emotionally occurs…be it good or bad. But he’s right, they don’t get lost in the details and hug it out after they share. As a woman, its astounding the amount of details we share with each other. Sometimes when I have big news, I have to actually space out sharing it with the women in my life because I’m exhausted after each huge conversation! If I try to share news the same way with Adam, his eyes glaze over…he prefers to hear the bulleted points and then of course wants to fix it for me. That is the beauty of women; for the most part…they just listen. You can babble on and on about the same thing for hours and a good friend will not only let you, but also react emotionally to what you’re sharing. It’s been said that men miss out on that emotional connection, but Adams right; I never thought about men being so emotional during sports. All that ass patting seems a little bit more logical now.

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