Do you think the movie Secretary is a great love story?

The other day I was having a conversation with Adam about great love stories…and about the best having to do with acceptance of a persons past and being drawn to each other.  Well not just drawn to each other, but realizing when a person is your other half…the perfect fit…that they get you more than anyone else.   A person who not only accepts your quirks, but embraces them…and who even if pushed away, will fight for you.

I hardly had to pause before declaring that Secretary fits that perfectly and I in fact took it one step further…I think Secretary is the best love story ever made.  The reaction I received however was more amazement that of all the movies out there, that this is what I consider a great love story…so I am taking it you my dear friends and asking you to weigh in.




My defense: You have two people who are perfect for each other…and they had no idea until they met what that even meant.  They are so perfect for each that they become the best versions of themselves in each other presence…even if they are a little twisted.  Secretary illustrates that true love is not about normalcy, its about loving one another even more for the oddness and the off kilter aspects of one another.  You then bring into play the devotion and loyalty aspect, the tenderness and then toss in the kink, why its a modern day fairy tale!

So have you seen Secretary?  Do you agree or disagree with me on this, and if you disagree…what’s your favorite love story, I would love to hear!


  • Molly

    I totally agree with you Sierra and have since I saw the film several years ago. I love the movie and yes it’s a beautifully twisted love story! You have articulated my thoughts on the love part of it so well- so many people see it as a BDSM flick and nothing more but there is soooo much more going on.

  • Adam Fujaa

    Sadistic and crazy, a love story this is not. Interesting movie and yes they get married and are in love. Personal opinion, not a love story! I was humored by this film, and it was nice to see James Spader back in action.

    • Sierra

      You didn’t even watch the whole thing! James Spader is rad…I watched 6 seasons of Boston Legal just for him…I actually bought it on dvd because of him. But I digress…It’s a love story.

  • Cory

    This movie Rocks…. great post, I agree…. we are all a little weird, how nice to think “there is someone for everybody”

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