Daily Muse: 6.3.11

Daily Muse: 6.3.11

we heart it

No matter how much I try and spread out work, it seems that I will never avoid having piles of it to do all at the same time.  This of course means that I also have times where nothing is going on.  I hat those times.  I fill it as much as I can with busy work, but the reality is that the busier I am, the more motivated I am to do more.  So currently, although I am enjoying the business, it means I have less time to spend posting here and staying in touch with people.

However, Sunday I am off to Austin again for almost an entire week…I can’t wait!  I will of course be fully connected, and in fact tend to play online more when I travel, so you may not notice at all that I am not in my studio.  I plan on checking out areas to live, so exciting!!  I promise to keep you posted 😉

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