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paper flowers
Paper flowers as pretty as their natural muse

Amazing how few of the hours of your day are spent designing when you’re a designer.  There are many hours logged online…too many I’m sure that are unnecessary as I get caught up in social media.  Then there is the requisite business aspects such as spreadsheets and bookkeeping, researching and sourcing new materials and all that good stuff.  Don’t forget photographing products, planning and co-ordinating photo shoots, editing and creating look books and line sheets.  Oh and then the actual production of the jewelry once it’s been designed.  It’s amazing I ever have time to design new pieces!  Even more amazing though is how I not only do I find the time, but I get really excited about it.

I’m currently working on both the Holiday Collection and the Spring 2013 Collection.   I design two big seasonal collections each year, in the spring and fall.  Usually I will also release a special collection or two in addition to spring and fall.  This past year the Bridal Collection actually replaced the Spring Collection and during the summer I released the Sorority Collection.  The Holiday Collection is usually an expended version of that years best sellers and includes luxe editions perfect for gift giving.  The Spring 2013 Collection however will go in new directions, of course including what I am know for as my signature element, the critters.  As I noted yesterday, I begin the design process about six months before its release, so there are always collections at various stages in the studio.  For example, I ordered most of my critters for next spring in the early summer months this year.  They have been patiently hanging out since then, just waiting for their moment of glory.

I usually hold off on starting to make each sample piece until I know I have a block of days where I don’t have have much to do away from the studio.  I get so into it that I want to focus all of my energy and time on doing just that and tend ignore all other tasks on my to-do list.  I’ve also learned over the years that once I begin this process, if I invite others to see what I’m working on that they will oh and ahhh and give the requisite enthusiastic approvals, but they don’t really get it.  They don’t see and think what I do for the months before this moment, the constant conversation in my head of if I should use this clasp or that one…if the stones will slope over the clavicle smoothly if I use the super large ones I saw last month and if white marble will be too heavy and put strain on the neck.  I’ve learned that everyone else would really rather see the completed collection all together as if they see it in progress it just looks unfinished.  So I keep it to myself.  Its a magical time when I am immersed in my own world and I get to make my thoughts into finished pieces and experience the never fading excitement of seeing something I have imagined come to life.

As each piece is added to the collection, I get more and more excited.  It’s as though a puzzle is coming together piece by piece and ever though I have all the  pieces in front of me, I lost the box top and have no idea what the finished result will be.  Once it’s done I feel accomplished for a few days, but as with puzzles, I want to immediately move on to the next one as soon as I am done.  I was never the type to keep a finished puzzle around, I just wanted to get started on the next challenge asap!

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