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    The power of girl talk

    I was planning on writing a Deep Thoughts post today, as it’s been awhile, but then my first thought became so long, that I decided it was worth some more brain space. You see today had not one, but two situations where I was with awesome ladies whom I see at least once a month for some girl time. The first was Cynthia who came to the studio this morning so we could work together and plan out her accessories for an upcoming conference. We’ve been talking about doing this for some time and decided it would be best to bring the dresses. It was a great plan and worked really well, so…

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    Power Pose

    Want an instant boost of confidence and power (like before an interview or public speaking)? Stand a super hero in the above pose for 5 minutes. There’s science behind this that you can read about here. But really, when I’m getting ready to write pitches, I do my best Wonder Woman impersonation…on really important days I wear the costume.

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    Who says women are bitches???

    I have read over and over again about how women are less inclined to help out one another then men are in business.  There is more competition and spite between the ladies apparently. (side note, I am going to tease you by peppering my words with a few sneak peeks from the summer line, debuting on Monday, June 21st) Being a jewelry designer, I am in a rather female focused world, the majority of my customers are women, and the men that shop at Manic Trout are buying for women.  All of my employees, in my studio and by contract are all women.  I read blogs primarily by women.  So…