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I have been playing around with silk scarves and how to incorporate them into jewelry for awhile now…I have amassed a collection that have stains on them or as a whole are not my style and I have been dying to find a good use for them.

Well I think the day has come…these are vintage scarves from Oscar de la Renta and Chloe (the backs of the two large flowers are the Chloe scarves) from the era of scarves that complimented the perfume I presume. I cut them up and stitched them together with hot pink thread and then sewed them together. I am a bit unsure of the ribbon, but its really comfortable to wear this way…

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  1. These are flippin’ awesome! I have always wanted to be a scarf kind of girl but couldn’t pull it off – I think these necklaces could be perfect for gals like me. 🙂

    Super cute!


  2. These are really cool! I’m like Jessica, love scarves but can’t pull them off. This is a great way to wear them!

  3. Thanks Ladies, I too love scarves and yet never wear them…which is why I collect them and yet wonder what on earth to do with them!

    They will be available within soon…

  4. So creative and unique. Love it. What a brilliant idea to share and inspire.

  5. Fabulous! I would wear that in a second!

  6. Hello there, I found your blog through BlogHer. I run the Carnival of Green Crafts over at the blog Crafting A Green World. Could we link to your post in our next edition? Let me know! I’m signing up to get emails of future comments, so you can just comment back or email me at greencraftscarnival at gmail.


  7. Hi Skye! Great blog, I am so glad that it was brought to my attention…please feel free link to my blog post, I look forward to reading what you you post next!

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