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Biblio-file…the month of May in books


Are you a reader? I’ve talked about my voracious reading habits a great deal over the years on the blog, as I am and have always been one. I read a book a week and enjoying having a few overflowing, stocked shelves next to my bed so each week I have a selection to choose from. As you can imagine, this can be a costly habit…and library books don’t work well for me. My solution is to find a place with a consistent low priced book sale of donated books (means they usually only charge a few dollars per book) and every few months I buy a stack. I usually come home with 15 or so books for about $35. I also love this method of shopping as I often find that it’s easier to choose when there are less to select from. If I’m let loose in a huge book store, I tend to reminisce over books I’ve already read and spend hours just wandering the stacks and forget online…if I don’t have a title in mind when I shop on Amazon, I am completely overwhelmed. I am also a fan of airport book stores for this reason…although with the invention 0f kindles, the selection seems to be shrinking. I read a great deal, so I’m not all that picky…I can very easily judge a book by its cover and know I’ll enjoy it…and I realized that in shopping used books, I select travel memoirs a lot…I would never think to check out the travel section! Any way, my point in this long winded intro is that I thought I would share at the end of each month what I read, because if you’re like me, you can always use a good book recommendation.

1. Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs
I first found A.J. when I was given his book The Know It All as a sassy gift. Well the joke was on the giver, because it was a great book. The author decided to read the Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety and wrote about doing so. This book is similar in nature…he give search part of his body a health make over one month at a time over a few years and shares his journey. I was basically quoting info from this the entire week I was reading it. Non fiction and incredibly interesting if you’re into facts.

2. Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich
Super depressing, but well written. Ending came out of no where. I think I had to pick up another happier book mid way though for a few nights. If you like family relationship dramas…perfect for you.

3. Penelope by Rebecca Harrington
Admittedly I bought this as there was a running joke in my 20’s after someone forgot my name once and referred to me as Penelope. I have since been fond of the name. Very cute. Dorky girl goes to Harvard and tries to figure out things her freshman year. I hardly slept the few days I was reading it as I could not put it down. My assistant is now reading it and is feeling the same way. Would make a great beach read.

4. Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes
The follow up to Under the Tuscan Sun (and I believe classified as a travel memoir!!) I loved her first book and found this one equally charming. Although I was a bit confused as I’m pretty sure she was single when she bought the Villa in Italy in the first book and now she keeps talking about how she bought it with her boyfriend. Hmmm, I read  UTTS years ago and may be confusing it with the movie version, but either way…a beautifully written book that will make you want to go to Italy immediately.

So what have you read lately?



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