my typical breakfast

A year of eating Paleo

my typical breakfast
my typical breakfast

I was looking back through posts from last winter and was amazed that it’s been a little over a year since I began eating paleo. At this point its just a normal way of life and I love it. There is little food that I cannot eat that I miss. Although I admit I cheat when it comes to candy, as sugar is pretty frowned upon. Otherwise, I live in a dairy/grain/legume/alcohol free bliss. The biggest thing that I had to get used to was having to cook 3 meals a day. If I worked in an office, it may be much more difficult, but the paleo lifestyle fits very well into my existing life, so thats a big bonus.

This is very apparent when I eat at a restaurant or a friends house. I try and be as little of a pain in the ass about it as possible when other people prepare my food. It is after all my choice to eat this way. I am not doing so for health or allergy reasons (beside being lactose intolerant and having the basic desire to feel and look good) so I do not expect people to bend over backwards to cater to my needs. It is generally believed that if you follow the guidelines 80% of the time you get about 95% of the benefits, so if I am at a friends house for dinner or at a restaurant, I discreetly eat for the most part within the guidelines, but I prefer to have a cheat night than be one of “those people”.

Adam and I have also agreed that if we plan to have a special night out that involves a chefs tasting menu (our weakness) or if we’re going someplace that one of us loves we are not allowed to have food issues due to my eating paleo or Adam being the worlds pickiest eater. Although that is usually more along the lines of my agreeing to eat pizza at Home Slice once a month because it makes Adam so excited to do so together.

A typical day is as follows:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with hard boiled or scrambled, 2 veggies and a sliced kiwi. Coffee with a ½ tsp of sugar.
Lunch: Diced steak, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and red peppers cooked with coconut oil on the stove. Coffee with a ½ tsp of sugar.
Dinner: Pork Tenderloin with a coffee chili rub, asparugus roasted with evoo and seasalt and steamed broccoli with lemon juice. Water.
Late night snack: Fuji apple and sunbutter.

Many friends have reached out about paleo over the past year and please don’t hesitate to do so, I’m glad to share any info I can with you!



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