'Selective Amnesia' by Ana Correal

A place to call home

'Selective Amnesia' by Ana Correal
‘Selective Amnesia’ by Ana Correal

I think we found a house to rent.  Pretty excited about it, and crossing my fingers that we get it!  It’s not perfect, but its only a rental and if we were looking to buy, we would snatch in a second as the issues we have with it are that the kitchen needs updating and there’s (new) carpeting in much of it.  However, it’s in a lovely neighborhood, there is an amazing fenced in back yard for Faye, a garage, a laundry room and a new addition of a master suite which is breathtaking.  There also is bamboo growing in the back yard, which two days prior to seeing it, Adam declared he wanted to have in our yard.

Our lease would begin on the 15th, which would give us two weeks to move everything in…ideal as the show season has already begun for me and it will just be easier that way.  Unfortunately, this next weekend I am set up at the market on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for 12 hours a day…so I don’t really know when I’ll have time to pack.  I need a clone.  Or a case of Red Bull and a few pounds of candy. Either way, I’ll keep you posted!

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