Celebrating our two year anniversary (in a very dim restaurant)

A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place

Celebrating our two year anniversary (in a very dim restaurant)
Celebrating our two year anniversary (in a very dim restaurant)

Hey everyone, Adam here!! This week lets talk about “how to train your husband?”. I don’t know the answer to that but I can tell you my wife sure does. You may say to yourself “how do you know that Adam?”. In which I would say, because somehow she trained the shit out of me without me even knowing. Seriously though isn’t that how marriage works? Men are a mess when they meet the future Mrs but luckily the future Mrs sees something in said man. She says to herself, I can work with this, hahahaha.Let’s get into some key factors of my training. When Sierra first met me, I kept all my clothes in a pile in my room, my bed was a mattress on the ground and I maybe owned a TV, the bed and my clothes. I actually think my last TV was left at my rental by my landlord so really I didn’t own it I just used it. So I owned clothes and a bed, which insured moving was easy for me. I definitely liked to skip showers and was living a much faster lifestyle. Sierra started out slow with her wifely trickery. She set a bowl next to the door and told me that is where we keep keys. Keys to the house, keys to the car and any other key we use. I was introduced to the key bowl. Very sneaky this key bowl and guess what? I used it!! I was amazed I always knew where my keys were. What kind of sorcery was this key bowl.

Then Sierra set limitations on me sprawling clothes all over the bedroom, she gave me a designated spot I could sprawl a limited amount of clothing in the bedroom. This satisfied me, made me think I was winning but truthfully just being trained, sneaky trained! Next she made me shower 6 out of 7 days, I’m allowed to skip on my day off. Some of you may being saying “eww, gross Adam” but I don’t care, showers are boring. I grew up in the mountains where we would go camping for weeks at a time, stop being a pansy people. I’m gonna skip a lot of the training and jump pretty far ahead. Sierra and I have been married for 2 years now. Many things have taken place at home that I apparently hadn’t recognized within my training. I have been out of town doing on site training for a new job (which btw, I’m pretty sure was also part of my wife’s training of me). This is what opened my eyes to the training that has taken place.

I left Austin early one Saturday morning, hopped a plane to Miami to begin my new journey. Nothing unusual right? I disembark the plane grab my bags and head to the hotel. This is when it all came to fruition. I walk into my room un pack my bags, place all clothing in its place. I fill the chest of drawers, I hang things in the closet. I place all my shoes in the closet. Not only did I unpack, but everything in the drawers is organized. It’s not all the clothes thrown in one drawer, they are placed in separate drawers, in their proper categories. Underwear and socks, pants and shorts, and t-shirts all in separate drawers folded nicely. I placed my toiletries in the bathroom, pulled them from my toiletry bag and arranged them neatly on the counter. After all this happens I sit outside on the balcony and I call my wife. Sierra answers and I say “you will never guess what I just did?”. She just laughed and of course said “I’ve trained you well!”. You sure have lady, you sure have.


Hey there, Sierra here…and let me start off by saying that as much as the “training of Adam” snuck up on him, it snuck up me as well. I didn’t even realize anything was sinking in until he called me from Miami all proud of himself. When he’s home, it’s like a mini tornado rips though the house. He walks in the door, drops his pants off on the chair by the kitchen door (I still have no idea why this happens, can someone explain this to me?) and leaves a trail behind him of wallet, lighter, contents of his pockets and anything else he had on him when he walked in the door. I just pick it up as I walk around the house and put it all away, thinking nothing of it. I had no idea that left to his own devices he would pick up after himself, and less of a clue that he would be orderly about it as he seems to resist the extreme organized aspect of our home.

Well, except for the key spot. The key spot was a life changing situation for Adam. He still marvels over always knowing where his keys are. I told my dad about this on the phone one day and his reply was, “well thats just good sense”…hmmm, its pretty obvious that the sneaky training skills were passed down. These skills are so sneaky that I didn’t even realize I was doing it! When we moved in together after Adam proposed, it was a bit of a struggle at first. This was partly because he moved into my apartment and partly because I used words like “key spot” and he considered a pile on the floor as adequate storage. There were many arguments over piles. As Adam did not bring much to the relationship in terms of material possessions, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. However it was difficult for him to accept that he had to open a door or a drawer to see or use something he needed. I asked Adam once why he didn’t own anything besides a bed and clothing when we met. His answer was that he knew that when he met the woman he was meant to marry, that she would make him throw out all his guy stuff anyway, so what was the point of having it. Valid point.

Two years in, its pretty great that by now he just lets me put things where I feel they are meant to be. I use logic to determine where everything will go and Adam knows that if he asks where anything in the house is, I will tell him its exact location in seconds. Sometimes it drives him crazy that I cannot and will not go to bed until everything in the house is back in its place and he still has his piles. We do our best to compromise though, he keeps the piles to designated areas that I glare at every time I walk by it and I let him keep the remotes on the living room table and his couch blanket disorderly. Apparently though my extreme need to have everything organized and in its place is rubbing off on him. Maybe he’s just realized that life is too short to spend it looking for your keys and more importantly, that you never have to if there’s a key spot. Or maybe he’s learned that being organized is really just good sense.

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