How to: Styling Series – wearing Manic Trout vintage scarf necklaces

I am aiming to shoot a video a week in the studio…its been interesting thinking of ways I can bring you in to Manic Trout this way. We’re still getting our sea legs on the filming and of course, I talk too much…but I would do that if you were in front of me too.

This week I showed you how to style the vintage scarf necklaces…something I have been wanting to do for awhile and glad I finally got around to it. If you have a Mermaid Parade or Fireworks After Midnight…this is for you. If you want one, it’s your lucky day as they’re all in the last chance sale or sample sale!

Oh also, I have decided to let you choose what the May Giveaway will be…to see the selections from the soon to be released Summer ’13 Collection and cast your vote…go to the facebook page.

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